Terms of Use

Terms of use for coohesion.com

The following document contains information about rights, duties, and access to and use of coohesion.com (from now on defined as “this Site” or simply “”Site”) and/or its services.

1. Website Manager

This website is managed by Coohesion Pharma soc. Coop.va with registered office in via A. De Curtis, n. 59 – 83103 Mercogliano (AV), proprietor of this Site (hereafter, for brevity, “Coohesion Pharma” o “Website proprietor”).

2. Access to and use of the Website

With access to this website and/or content in the form of services, including consultation, downloading of information, the posting or uploading to this site or other use of the same and its contents as registered user or unregistered visitor, the User undertakes to respect these Terms of Use, as well as compliance with all applicable legal provisions concerning copyright, data and information security, protection of personal data and civil and/or criminal liability.

3. Registration as a User on the Website

3.1 The User who intends to register for areas, sections or particular services on the website, undertakes to provide only information, related to him, complete, current and true. The User also undertakes to promptly notify Coohesion Pharma of any changes in the data relating to its registration.

3.2 Coohesion Pharma reserves the right to verify the accuracy of the data entered by refusing the user access to the website and/or any of its resources, service or content.

3.3 If you log-in to access this website or parts of it, the user commits at the end of his session to use the log-off option to close the session.

3.4 Coohesion Pharma reserves the right to make the“log-off” of those users whose account, once logged in, remained on stand by for a significant time period established in its sole judgement.

4. Password and account data provided

The User is responsible for the secrecy of his password, the number of accounts and any other data, as well as the activities carried out with his account. Any unauthorized use of the user account or any other security breach shall be notified immediately to the Coohesion Pharma Site Manager writing to webmaster@coohesionfarma.com.

5. Changes to the Website and these Terms

The site manager, also through authorized third parties, reserves the right to make, with or without prior notice, modifications or improvements to the services, contents and any other information related to the website, including these Terms of Use.

Coohesion Pharma therefore recommends that you check the website and its Terms of Use regularly.

6. Permitted and prohibited use of this Website

6.1 The access to this website and its use, including viewing, duplicating, downloading data, graphics, images, photographs, sketches, descriptions, information and collections of texts, videos, audio, utilities, software (applets included) as well as the contents of any newsletters sent by e-mail or similar communications as transmitted by Coohesion Pharma (or in the name of Coohesion Pharma), is prohibited if not explicitly permitted under these Terms.

6.2 Coohesion Pharma grants the user a limited authorization for access to this website and its contents and the personal and non-commercial use of the same for the sole purposes as defined on this website, provided that the copyright is respected.

6.3 Any other use of the website, including use for purposes other than those mentioned above, as well as changes, distribution, transmission and downloading of the website (with the exception of page-caching), re-publication or reverse engineering, shall be prohibited, without the prior written consent of the site manager (unless such a prohibition is excluded from applicable law).

6.4 The authorization to use the website does not include the authorization to resell, use or distribute the contents of the website itself, the collection and use of any description and price of products, service listing, as well as the derivative use of this website or its content (including framing), downloading or duplicating information for the benefit of other businesses, any use of data mining, robots or similar tools for collecting and extracting data, any use of website content on another web site, server or networked computer environment, or a use of the content of the website that suggests a link with products or services of Coohesion Pharma or its collaborators not explicitly agreed in writing between the parties.

6.5 The User is forbidden to use this website or its services in a way that infringe the meaning of these Terms of Use or any applicable law or regulation, or any use that causes or may cause damage, interruption or limitation of this website or its services.

6.6 The User is forbidden from trying to access any part of this website or any other user account or any network or computer system connected to this website, in any form (hacking, password mining or other). The User is not allowed to collect or attempt to collect information and personal data relating to third parties through this website.

7. Copyright on the contents of this Website

7.1 The contents of the website, including their selection and layout, are the property of Coohesion Pharma and/or their content and technology provider and is protected by applicable laws, including those on copyright.

7.2 The authorization limited to the use of the contents of the website (for the above mentioned purposes) is explicitly linked to the recognition, respect and protection by the user of each note referred to copyright, trademark or other right to protection of the content of the website.

7.3 The user does not acquire any ownership rights over e-mail addresses, URLs or other personal identifiers assigned or selected for the purpose of accessing the services available on this website.

7.4 The limited rights of the user, regarding the use of such addresses/identifiers, remain valid only as long as the registration/ account remains valid for access to this website or to the respective services. At the end of the validity period Coohesion Pharma will be free at its discretion to use or assign to another user such address/identifier.

7.5 The unauthorized use or copy of the contents of the website or a use of the contents of the website contrary to these provisions may lead to the violation of copyright, trademarks and legal provisions of a civil or criminal nature.

7.6 The User is prohibited from using any content of the website (or any content available through this website) in such a way as to infringe copyright, trademarks or other rights.

7.7 Coohesion Pharma reserves the right to appeal to any person who uses them unauthorized or who violates these Terms of Use.

8. Trademarks

8.1 “Nurvast”, “Giano”, “Artidia” and “Coohesion Pharma” are registered trademarks.

8.2 The brand, logo, internet address, name of products and their derivatives describing products or services of Coohesion Pharma or Coohesion Pharma Soc. Coop. are registered trademarks and/or property of Coohesion Pharma soc. Coop. Each list of trademarks filed by Coohesion Pharma soc. Coop. (or others) published on this website is regularly reviewed and updated, but cannot be considered exhaustive and complete of the trademarks filed by Coohesion Pharma soc. Coop. (or others).

8.3 The use of the trademarks of Coohesion Pharma or Coohesion Pharma Soc. Coop. is strictly prohibited. or their modification (unless explicit written authorization from the Owner). Other product or business names used on this website may be trademarks of the respective owner.

9. Forbidden or Restricted User Content

9.1 Coohesion Pharma prohibits transmission, distribution, dissemination, loading, posting, the presentation, the common use or the saving through or through the use of this website of contents offensive or otherwise deemed inadmissible by Coohesion Pharma.

9.2 Such communications include those with pornographic, blasphemous, sexist, homophobic, defamatory, deceptive, vulgar, obscene or offensive content, as well as ethnic, racial or religious insults and insults, exaltation of violent acts, motivated by hatred, and unlawful conduct, illustrations of child abuse, of children in lewd poses and child pornography, advertising, market research and prize contests and other materials that may give rise to civil or criminal consequences.

9.3 Coohesion Pharma prohibits the uploading or use of website content or the transmission of user content whose primary or subordinate purpose or effect is the sale, distribution or promotion of firearms, weapons or narcotics, systems c.d. Make-Money-Fast-Fast (promises of winnings), pyramid or chain letters, fraudulent or criminal offers, registration of an e-mail address other than your own, disruptive actions of auctions or markets (including publicly listed stock markets), threat or disruption to other persons, the disturbance of discussions or the creation of a false identity for the purpose of deceiving others, the transmission of sexual offers by minors, on behalf of minors or directed to them, the making of racist statements and comments, the imitation of another person or the pretension of a relationship with a natural or legal person.

9.4 Coohesion Pharma reserves the right (without any obligation) to restrict or delete the user’s access to the relevant contents of the website and/or user content and/or to forward the user content in question to the competent authorities, if a upload of user content has occurred or is suspected that infringes these Terms of Use (or other applicable rules or terms) or other conditions or regulations; this does not require formal introduction or proof of legal action or appeal.

10. Limitation of liability– user content and use of the website

10.1 Materials, information and opinions expressed do not necessarily represent those of Coohesion Pharma or of related legal entities (or authorized by them). All user content should be considered only as an expression of an opinion and not as a statement of fact.

10.2 All user content and/or services received or used by you, or transmitted by you using the website, including inter alia the use of any forum, are subject only to your discretion and are subject only to the exclusions and limitations of liability of these Terms.

10.3 Within the scope of the legal definitions relating to copyright, defamation, personal data protection or other, Coohesion Pharma excludes any liability in relation to any user content, including liability for any error, virus, defamation, written offence, obscenity or inaccuracy that may be contained in user content or in relation to any illegal user content or any other user content.

10.4 Coohesion Pharma is not responsible for any unauthorized access to a user’s account, or for an automatic forwarding of communications and/or viruses (caused by viruses or other) to persons whose data have been transmitted by a user to be entered in their online mailing list available on this website.

10.5 The limitations and exclusions of liability of these Terms shall apply regardless of whether liability is claimed under contract law, civil law (including negligence and defamation)liability independent of damage or other legal basis.

11. No warranty– Site content and services

11.1 All content and services of the website are made available according to the formula “as they are” and “as available”; Coohesion Pharma, moreover, excludes – in the widest extension allowed by the laws in force – any warranty and insurance of any kind (“guarantees”), whether explicit or implicitly agreed, on the contents and services of the website, including concluding guarantees of negotiability, satisfactory quality, suitability for a given purpose and not injuring the intellectual property rights of third parties.

11.2 Coohesion Pharma does not ensure the adequacy and accessibility of the website, or its availability to use at any location or on its being virus-free. Persons accessing this website and using the services or content of the website are responsible for complying with all applicable laws and regulations, including all applicable national or local laws.

11.3 Coohesion Pharma checks the accuracy, reliability and up-to-date nature of all website content, including data on (any) products, services and descriptions received from third parties, However, it does not provide any guarantee as to the correctness of any statement on this website. Any material, product, service or information contained in this website or referred to may no longer be relevant.

11.4 Coohesion Pharma undertakes, as far as possible, to update the contents of the website, but does not provide guarantees in this respect. Coohesion Pharma excludes any warranty or liability for any errors or omissions in the contents of the website (to the extent that such exclusion does not conflict with any guarantees and other terms and conditions relating to the sale of Coohesion Pharma products or services). Any decision made on the basis of information included in the contents of the website (or user content) is the sole responsibility of the user.

11.5 Coohesion Pharma does not ensure that the services and functions of this website or other interactions via this website are available at all times, without interruption, in a safe and error-free manner, or that this website, or the host server, is free from viruses or harmful components.

11.6 Coohesion Pharma neither guarantees nor assumes any liability for damages of any kind or viruses that may damage the User’s computer due to its access or use of this website, including inter alia the downloading of images, software or other website content. If the contents of the website require repairs, assistance or corrections of the equipment or data, these costs will be the responsibility of the User.

11.7 The information included in the website content (and user content) does not represent medical, professional, legal or financial advice.

11.8 The website may contain references to certain Coohesion Pharma services and products that are not available or not available in the same form in a particular country. These references are not to be construed as insurance or implied warranties that these products or services will be made available at any time in a particular country..

11.9 If the applicable legislation prohibits the exclusion of the Coohesion Pharma guarantee referred to above, Coohesion Pharma excludes, disclaims and limits the guarantee only to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law.

12. Exclusion of liability in relation to the contents of the website

Coohesion Pharma and persons involved in the development, production, hosting or provision of website content shall not be liable for direct, indirect, concrete, temporary, consequential or including compensation, including, but not limited to, data loss, lost profit, interruption of activity or loss of time resulting from or damage of any kind (including damage caused by negligence or other infringement) caused by the use of the contents of the website or by the inability to use it, even if Coohesion Pharma or his prosecutor has been informed of the possibility of such damage.

The disclaimers of liability under this paragraph shall apply within the limits permitted by applicable and existing legislation.

13. Personal Data, Data Protection and Cookies

As regards the processing of personal data, please refer to the Privacy Policy of the Website.

14. Indemnifies

14.1 Within the limits and in accordance with the rules in force, the user exempts Coohesion Pharma and its employees, directors, mayors, prosecutors, collaborators and service providers from liability and compensation in relation to losses, costs, proceedings, damages, fees (including fees and legal costs of a reasonable amount) or warranty claims of any kind arising from third party claims for non-compliance with any prohibition or limitation related to the activities of the user on this website as described in these Terms of Use.

14.2 Without wishing to limit the general character of the above exemption, the user shall exempt Coohesion Pharma and keep its employees, administrators, mayors, prosecutors, collaborators and service providers free of charge, claim for liability, cost, expense, legal action and claim for damages (for direct, indirect or consequential damages) of any kind, regardless of whether they are known, assumed, disclosed or not, and resulting from or in any manner related to any prohibited or restricted user content uploaded by the user, or any use by the user of this website (including prohibited or restricted use of the website by the user).

15. Hyperlinks (links) to and from this website

15.1 The User undertakes to request and receive the written consent of Coohesion Pharma before making a link to this website. The so-called“deep linking” is strictly prohibited. All links must lead to the homepage of the website, must clarify that this website and its contents must be considered separately from the site that contains the link and must also point out that the ownership and operation of this website is of Coohesion Pharma Soc. Coop.

15.2 Coohesion Pharma or third parties (with the above authorization) may provide hyperlinks for other sites or resources on the internet. The inclusion of such links does not imply Coohesion Pharma’s approval of the contents of external websites. Coohesion Pharma urges the user to take the utmost care in using this or another website external to this. Some websites may contain information which may be considered inappropriate or unpleasant. External websites may transmit their own cookies to the user, collect data and/or request the release of personal and sensitive data and information.

15.3 Coohesion Pharma has undertaken, as far as possible, verifying the accuracy and reliability of the information contained in websites or external resources linked to this website or accessed via this website or containing links to/or to the Coohesion Pharma website/websites – without being liable for the content, advertising, products, services or other materials available on those resources or external websites.

15.4 Coohesion Pharma does not provide any guarantee or insurance with regard to the safety of any information (including credit card information or other personal information) that is claimed to be passed on to third parties by the User, and the User waives any claim against Bracco in relation to such matters.

16. Miscellany

16.1 In the event that individual provisions of these Terms are deemed unenforceable, the inapplicable provision shall be replaced by a valid and applicable provision which is as close as possible to the meaning of the original provision. This does not in any way affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions.

16.2 Without prejudice to the exclusions and limitations of liability contained in these Terms, an entity shall not bring any claim or legal action against Coohesion Pharma concerning or in connection with this website, unless this claim or legal action is notified in writing to Coohesion Pharma within one (1) year from the date of rise of the grounds for legal action.

16.3 Collaborators and Prosecutors of Coohesion Pharma are not entitled to modify these Terms.

16.4 Any statements by vendors or customer service representatives made on behalf of Coohesion Pharma shall not be considered as changes to these Terms of Use or as authorised and legally binding statements relating to this website or the type and the quality of the services and products presented or other content of the website.

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