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Coohesion Pharma

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At the center a single goal: the well-being of the person.
To be pursued exclusively with natural remedies.

Who we are

Coohesion Pharma is an Italian pharmaceutical company specializing in Medical disclosure and in the production and sale of natural supplements, nutraceuticals and herbal products. An innovative reality in which the owners of the company are the same informants.


We select the best elements present in nature in terms of wellness and prevention


We deepen the knowledge of their health benefits with academic studies, clinical trials and laboratory tests


We develop natural supplements and nutraceuticals on the basis of phytocomplexes and natural extracts that are more effective

Our products are 100% natural

In the realization of each of our products we apply the same procedure reserved for the development of a new drug.
From the choice of raw materials to the formulation, up to the realization of the final product, the entire production process of our nutraceuticals is followed with care and competence by personnel specialized in the pharmaceutical field.
Our priority is the safety of our customers.
The entire production chain is located in Italy.

Tutti i prodotti Coohesion Pharma sono rigorosamente Made in Italy

Competence and cohesion:
the added value of our company

After a consolidated experience in the field of medical-scientific information, we have created CoohesionPharma, a reality present on the market since 2017 and which has achieved important results in a short time.
In CoohesionPharma the Informant is also a member of the company. The values that distinguish the cooperative are represented by the desire to encourage the sense of belonging and sharing of corporate values, to converge and optimize the know-how of the members towards a common goal and to enhance their daily work.
Our aim is to pursue a constant growth on the market through the creation of value for all parties involved, partners, customers and professionals, working in the name of transparency and ethical and social responsibility.